Thursday, August 27, 2009

You know you're a mom when...

1. You drink a glass of wine with your dinner of car shaped noodles and meat in a divided red plastic plate. Classy, I tell you...just classy.
2. You are slowly beginning to realize that you are being punished for all the stunts you pulled as a kid. Sorry mom.
3. You wish boogers were vegetables because it's the only one they eat.
4. Your children stick to the kitchen floor...and you laugh and hide the mop.
5. You have a secret crush on one of the wiggles or the dude from blue's clues.
6. When you shop alone you want to run up and hug the mom with the kid who is having a melt down in isle 3. It's okay, we've been there!
7. You no longer no what songs are popular on the radio, in fact you don't even know if your radio works...but you can recite every single word to silly songs with Larry.
8. In your purse you carry your wallet, cell phone, diaper, bag of cheerios and a sucker to distract in the grocery check out lane.
9. You have a play date and it takes the moms 4.5 seconds to talk about their child's bowel movements for the day.
10. Your four year old son can spell the words PARK, ICE CREAM and BED TIME simply because you try to spell them to your husband to keep them a secret.
11. You wish someone would put you in a time out...for a very long time.

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Crazy Mom said...

I hope you mean 'joe' from Blues Clues, not Steve. Because Joe is totally Steve's younger better looking brother. That's all I'm sayin.