Friday, September 25, 2009

...and we can't forget Baylor

Not nearly as cooperative as the little Brody man, this dude hates having his photo taken. I've figured it's probably because I do it almost every day. Yes, his mom is the paparazzi or should I say mamarazzi. When he does smile for the camera it's the cheesiest or goofiest grin ever. I love that grin. My baby is growing up so fast and becoming a little man. Most of the time I have to fake him out in order to get him to look at the camera. He's too smart for me and just like his mother, has become quite a sneaky little dude. I did let him play around with the camera and he took a few great photos like this one.
I love seeing the world through the lens of a camera operated by a four year old. He also took a photo of my butt....what can I say, he's just like his father.

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