Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day!

Hey Baylor....guess what? You have preschool today!!!

...the first day cheesy smile and a cheesy sign to go along with it.
...and the awful Spiderman backpack (he loves it, that's all that matters right?)
Tons of things to see, and play and learn. Here's Baylor at the light table, he was mesmerized.

Everything went great, he was so excited and reminded his mother, "don't be sad mom when you drop me off, I'll be fine." Thanks for the encouragement! He also told me that he forgot to tell them about Jesus but he'd do that tomorrow. Good for you buddy! If I can remember all of the snacks and rules and procedures, I think I'll be okay too.

Root canal went great...as much as root canals can go. I was in so much pain this morning I would have chosen labor pains over this stupid tooth ache. I was actually looking forward to that shot of Novocaine. I'm a little sore now and will be for a while, but not nearly as bad as before. I also nearly had a coronary when the gave me the grand total. There goes my hopes and dreams of being a family with two cars! Oh well, such is life. Special thanks to Alivia and Shannon for watching the boys while I sat in a dentist chair for two hours. You guys rock.

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Andrea G. said...

Glad his day went so well!! I like the sign picture and reminding you not to cry!!