Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye see you.

...and now that I completely freaked you out with an enormous photo of my eyeball. I actually wanted to show you the color of my hair, which I actually got a few compliments on. The lady at the dentist (story coming in the next paragraph) liked my hair and told me I was, "slender." I wanted to jump out of the chair and hug her. I guess it's not as maroon as I thought. I know you can't really tell by looking at the freaky photo, but I'm not a fan of up close and personal face shots. Can we say too much sun as a teenager?

On to the dentist story. You know a while back I was whining about how I needed a root canal and low and behold they just filled the tooth (for the time being)? Well, mister root canal is back and I'm in serious pain. I have resorted to chewing on one side of my mouth and eating hard things. Advil is my friend. My root canal is scheduled for Tuesday (if I make it through the weekend) The bill is going to be crazy and I've apologized profusely to my husband for my horrible awful teeth. I also asked the dentist and she told me, "some people just have bad teeth, no matter what they do." Once again making me feel a little better about myself. We hate not being able to pay with things with cash, but this will have to be an exception. One of life's little unexpected emergencies. God is faithful.

Not to leave on a sad note, I will tell you a joke to lighten the mood. Here goes........

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?

NACHO CHEESE!! (get it? Not yo cheese?) You can laugh now.


Janice said...

I love the haircolor, but I lean to doing the reds. Learned to NEVER buy the herbal essence brand, for my hair = barney color.

I come from a whole line of bad teeth, havent had to go the root canal line, yet. But understand completely.

Oh, and I dont kow what kind of circus mirror you have in your house to NOT think you are thin. :D

Kim said...

No wonder you don't like our mirror...I don't usually look THAT close up!