Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Farm

Baylor, Brody and I spent the day at my grandparents farm in Illinois. They have a standard bred racing horse farm. Back in the day they had bunches of horses but now they just have around 12 head. They do have lots of tractors, cats, a big dog and fun things to play with so the boys were in heaven.
We went out in the horse pasture to pick apples. Apparently the horses beat us to the ones on the lower branches. Here is my mom and grandma shaking the tree, trying to get the apples down. Hilarious.
I decided to climb the tree and do a little shaking myself. Baylor was following me.....until he fell out of the tree. He's fine, a few scratches and a, "Mom, I'm never climbing a tree again."
Here he is contemplating life's uncertainties....or maybe why he just fell out of an apple tree.
...and then the short one....throwing a fit in the dirt. Big surprise. Sometimes I wish I could throw a fit in the dirt, but I restrain myself.

This week has been SUPER busy. Awana started, my bible study started, Baylor's preschool is in full swing and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing at this art show. We're hoping and praying that we can get another car, it's really stressing only having one small Bessie (our Carolla) and getting people to the places they need to go. Our "car" fund is currently in my the form of a root canal. Since I refuse to buy a minivan (sorry mini van mom's, I just can't do it) I've taken a liking to small SUV's such as a Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Saturn Vue or Hyundai Santa Fe. It will be a while before we can pay for one with cash, but we're saving! Someday!

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Crazy Mom said...

We looked at the CR-V's too. They're nice, but they look more mini-van ish than the RAV-4, which is sportier and what we got. Honda overcharges for the same features, really. So, if you go for those crossover/SUV's that look like a mini-van, you may as well just get a mini-van. It will change your life... (I have one of each-SUV and Van-, so I have an 'expert' opinion.

(Plus, it helps with carpooling, especially since kids have to be in car seats until they're in their mid 20's these days.)