Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Photos: The many looks of Brody

Here is an example of a cute grin or in other words, "don't get mad at me mom, I just ate an entire package of graham crackers." Seriously. The WHOLE package...but who can resist that cute dimple? Even the inhalation of crackers doesn't stand a chance against this look.
This is the, "you think I'm joking when I told you I flushed an entire box of wipes down the toilet, but I'm really not." Although often confused with the, " Uh, Baylor did it," look.
Bully. Straight up bully. I laugh in the face of toddlers smaller than one stands a chance when I'm in the house. I play with an iron fist.
Serious booger picker face. We see this WAAAAAAAY too much. The kid digs for gold.
This is my tongue and I know how to use it....usually to lick things i'm not supposed to like dog food, fridge handles and electrical outlets.
Seriously concerned with life face. Even though he is joyful 98.5 % of the time, the other part is spent in deep contemplation of life's uncertainties. This look is also very much confused with the, "I'm dropping a deuce in my diaper please leave me alone" face.
I'm going to pretend I don't see you face. Smile with your eyes.....pretend you're not paying attention. Try not to laugh.....
And my all time favorite the, " so four nuns walk into a bar," look.

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