Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is good

I was sitting here wallowing in self pity and making a mental note of the things that went wrong this morning. Thinking about how in the time span of about four hours this morning I had cleaned maggots out of three garbage cans, endured the UPS Store with two kids who attacked the stack of boxes like well....uh, maggots to a trash can and still has pain, can't chew out of the left side of my face and is wondering which organ to sell to pay the bill. I had made up my mind that I would never take my children to another public place again until their 25th birthday and was craving a chocolate candy bar that I could suck through a straw. Wallowing deeply until I glanced over at my two precious boys playing peace (this is a holy cow moment folks) They weren't playing together, but they were immensely engrossed in whatever each of them had in hand. A tractor with Noah driving and 18 miniature dinosaurs about to attack a Frisbee. I was slapped in the face by a big hand that read, "Get over it. Life is good." Figuratively speaking, this hand lead me to change my attitude and realize that yes, each day is precious with them. So precious in fact that I might just clean maggots out of garbage cans everyday for a moment spent with them. Who am I kidding?! Life is good.

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Andrea G. said...

Great perspective Keri! :)