Monday, September 7, 2009

A new chapter

Tomorrow, my baby, who just turned four, will start preschool. My baby, who uses every excuse in the book not to sleep. Take for instance today, when he comes down from, "quiet time" (naked of course) yelling that he needs a nail trim. How convenient...right at quiet time do you realize that one of your tiny little toes has a nail that is too long. Can we say manipulator? Anyways, I'm torn between feeling sad that he's growing up and excitement for his new school career to begin. We decided to put him in the three year old class that meets only on Tuesday and Thursdays. A few reasoning's behind this are 1. He just turned three and has the attention span of a fruit fly. 2. He's a boy (and yes boys don't sit well and lack social skills early on...and I don't care what you say, boys will be Dobson's Bringing up Boys) 3. I wanted to go to BSF (which is Bible Study Fellowship) on Wednesday mornings and they have a wonderful program for both boys. 4. He will be in school the rest of his life....seriously, those doctors go to school forever. He's set from an intellectual standpoint, so we're just glad he'll be getting some social now. I've been praying for him too, that he can be a light (as much of a light as a four year old boy can be!) I have much respect for those who chose to do homeschooling, but having worked in the public school system and attended a Christian school, I know that this is a good fit for Baylor. Homeschooling just isn't for us right now.
Another plus is that both of his teachers go to our Church, although this isn't a Christian preschool, I have faith that they will tell me if something should arise with Baylor as far as discipline etc. This will also give Brody and I some quality time together to work on his alphabet and not destroying the house. I love and cherish my one on one time with each boy. It will be hard on me because I love my mornings with Baylor, but I'll still have my afternoons when Brody takes a nap. It will also bring a new set of germs into our house....that I'm not sure I can deal with quite yet. I think that is the biggest thing I'm scared of....I know, I'm a freak. So if you think about it tomorrow, send up a quick prayer for Baylor (and for us!) as we start a new chapter in our life.

Tooth update: Well, I'm still in a HUGE amount of pain and the pain medicine that she prescribed isn't working. I'm currently eating mashed potatoes because it doesn't hurt and I need food in my stomach to take the medicine and nothing else sounded good. Another obstacle I will have to hurdle will be playing my cornet Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So I'm asking all of you band nerds out there....anybody have a root canal and then play their horn soon after? I have one not so happy conductor waiting to hear if I'll go through with it and believe me, I won't be waiting a second longer. Thoughts? Any advice or personal experience would be great. I do know it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. So don't scare me!


Janice said...

A plus to sending him to 3 yr old preschool will be sending a much older boy off to college. Another year more mature! ;)

Andrea G. said...

I am sorry your tooth is still hurting! I pray it gets better soon!

David has his first day tomorrow too at Parkview. He is so excited he is still back there not sleeping, but I am wondering if when the time comes if he will just freeze and not be so excited! Praying for you guys! Baylor will do great!

Crazy Mom said...

I had a root canal when I was 7 months pregnant and it was fine. I was sore, but fine. It was WAY better than having my wisdom teeth out without getting knocked out. Nothing says fun like 23 shots of novacaine wearing off...

All my kids are in school Tues and Thursday a.m.'s.

I feel naked. It's weird, yet liberating. You'll get there.