Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoe Thief

Here's to hoping this high heel wearing behavior is only a, "stage."

Here are some things that Brody has accomplished this past week:

1. Unlocking both the front door and the screen door and escaping....into the street. Houdini would be proud.
2. Flushing and entire container of wipes down the toilet.
3. Flushing three blocks, an army guy and a toothbrush down the toilet.
4. Lining up the entire box of blocks from end to end until perfect.
5. Pinching both of the dogs with pliers and chasing them around the yard. He claims he was just, "ficking" (fixing) them.
6. Sneaking out of his bed and into ours and promptly falling asleep, only to be found later that night.
7. Being a completely different child when he's alone with me while Baylor is at preschool. LOVE IT.
8. Taking a diving header off the couch on to pillows that weren't really pillows.....they were hairy and barked.
9. Opening the fridge and energetically removing salad dressing, chocolate syrup and olives.
10. Exploding with laughter after, "tooting" in the bathtub and gleefully proclaiming, "I TOOOOOOTTEEEEDD!!!" Men.

1 comment:

Kim said...

We don't have much tooting, but every time J is in the tub with Grace he proudly announces, " Look guys, I'm peeing on Gracie!" Thankfully she's still too young to really care.