Monday, September 28, 2009

A taste of fall

..dare I say it.....okay, here goes.....

I'm a little teeny weeny bit chilly.

Which freaks me out for winter because it's a mere 57 degrees outside. I love this weather though! Fall is my most favorite season of all. Changing leaves, crisp air, warm beverages, chili, sweatshirts, socks and football! Speaking of football (and baseball) did you see the Hawks kick some Penn State hiney this weekend?! And to top it off...the Cardinals are National league central division champs....the World Series is calling!

Weekend Review:
Had a wonderful time at the arts fest this weekend. I ended up selling about six large pieces and a few small ones, I have to do some inventory to make sure! A huge blessing indeed. So remember when you said I couldn't paint? Take that. I have a few leads on commissions and I'm headed to house with lots and lots of windows on Thursday to check them out. I had a lot of wonderfully ego boosting comments from many people and the weather held up until literally the very last minute! The root canal bill will be greatly reduced and I actually have a little bit to spend on myself for some fall clothes. I bought argyle socks today...just because it's fall. I also bought Baylor his first pair of new shoes (not garage sale or second hand) which is a big deal. They were on sale and this kid has the worst foot (think duck) to find shoes for! He's pleased and I'm pleased...we'll see how long that lasts!

Sunday was beautiful and the boys headed to my parents house for some fishing fun. Baylor held and caught his first fish and is now hooked (pun intended) We had a great bible study that night and I got in a good run. I'm planning on doing the Anamosa Run for the Pumpkin 5K this weekend. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life right now (besides when I was playing soccer in college and running for 90 minutes....!)

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