Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

Ten truths for Tuesday.

1. At this time in my life, I would rather sit in a hot bath and read a magazine than a book. Don't get me wrong, I love books and reading but when you have children suddenly your attention span goes from long minutes to short seconds.

2. I had a candy bar for lunch. These cute girls were selling them and I had a spare two dollars (which doesn't happen very often!) and I ate it for lunch. I had a V8 and I ran six miles, so doesn't that count for something? I totally deserved that candy bar.

3. I wish I had more fashion sense. I go by what is comfortable, what fits and what feels nice. I walk by racks of clothes and have to touch everything. If it ain't soft, I don't buy it. I've secretly always wanted to be on one of those makeover shows.

4. I can pretend all I want, but I dislike red wine. I'm a wussy and like the white wines. Until someone shows me a good sweet red wine, I'm going to have to be girlie and unsophisticated and stick with white.

5. Sometimes I feel like the biggest failure of a mother and wife. Not all the time, but sometimes. I wonder if my children will turn out okay or if my husband still thinks I'm beautiful. I feel these feelings when my children aren't acting the way I want them too (or should) and usually after I fix dinner. Why dinner you ask? Because I suck at it. I can bake anyone around the block but when it comes to dinner, I draw blanks and would rather eat cereal. I feel bad for my family sometimes because I am truly not a domestic goddess when it comes to dinner. I'm working at it though!

6. I'm really happy with my jean size...for the moment.

7. I haven't mopped the floor in a week and the reason I can tell is because children are beginning to stick to it. I'm waiting for a steam mop to fall out of the sky for Christmas.

8. I'm kind of nervous about this art show. I'm nervous my stuff won't be good enough and I'll get secretly laughed at.

9. I don't think I can make it another winter without another vehicle. My sanity depends on it.

10. I check girls out. Really. Not because I like girls, I'm a happily married woman...to a MAN, but I check them out to see what diverse people God has made. Everyone has beauty no matter who you are and I like finding one beautiful thing about that person. I know it sounds awfully shallow, but people are so interesting. I am a detail person and I remember details that no one else can.

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