Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Hi, I'm Waldo. I'm a miniature pincher even though I resemble a naked mole rat. Don't let my enormous ears fool you. I am a tough son of a booger. Weighing in at five pounds, small plastic toys don't stand a chance against me. A few of my victims include a plastic tiger, alligator and the crotch of an anonymous person's underwear. My parents are on vacation in Minnesota and so I get to spend an entire week with the Speidel family. Some of my favorite activities (besides the chewing toys of course) include hiding, yipping and chasing motorcycles. Like I said, one tough booger. I do have a soft side which includes crawling under your shirt and burrowing in your warm clothes fresh out of the dryer. A true ladies man. I rule the roost and they (the other dogs) don't stand a chance. I pride myself on being the, "third child" in this family.

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