Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whoa Nellie.

All of a sudden, I feel as if my head is spinning and my body hasn't caught up. Every single fall activity seemed to start this week along with working on art for the Lincoln Highway Art Festival (more on that later!) trying to clean this house that won't stay clean and being a good wife and mother. My to do list as multiplied five fold and every time I cross something off, I add another! What is up with this? I am however proud to announce that I started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) yesterday and I already know it will be great. It will give me the structure and accountability I know I need as well as diving deeply into the book of John. I know that I'll need at least a half hour with it each day (if not more...there are no pictures and I'm slow) and trying to find time will be a challenge. I am always up for a challenge. In fact, I'm cutting this short so I can work on it.....see ya!

P.S If you haven't marked your calendar yet, Saturday the 26th (next Saturday) is the Lincoln Highway Arts Festival. It's my very first and I think you need to come. Over 30 artists, food and entertainment. Mount Vernon is only a hop, skip and a jump away from most of you. Do it!

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