Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you ever feel like....

1. Your head is spinning and not so much attached to your body? As in, you have too many things to do and you are pulled in about thirteen different directions? The laundry is sitting in major piles all over the house and the dishes are screaming your name but all you want to do is run and hide?

2. You have no deep friends. I'm talking about best friends, the ones that tell you if you have a booger in your nose and then give you a pat on the back because you hate hugs. The ones that get your humor and aren't afraid to dish it right back.

3. You can't say no. That you sit at home to watch Oprah and eat bon bons and since you have so much extra time on your hands you can help out. You risk being called lazy or not helping, you always say yes to everyone....except your husband.

4. You are not taken seriously. That people think that just because you stay at home with your kids that your intelligence level drops significantly, you can't drive and you have no opinion what so ever? and when you use a word like auspicious or ramification , they look at you like you have a third eye.

5. Secretly you wonder why "they" didn't accept your friend request on Facebook. Are they too busy or did their computer just burst into flames or do you smell funny? Really.

6. That no matter how hard you clean, scrub, organize or polish, your house is never clean enough...never ever ever.

7. You are a bad mom because you have mold growing in the caulk on the bathtub.

8. You will be judged for eating Wendy's, drinking wine, reading the Bible and watching Ghost Hunters.

9. You're not doing enough....ever. Enough cleaning, playing with your kids, eating spinach, sharing the Gospel or getting enough fiber.

9.5 Some people deserve a good flick in the ear. God love them, but they simply deserve a good flick.

10. Despite all the facts you've heard about the H1N1 virus, it still totally freaks you out.


Crazy Mom said...

First of all, I don't know what you're talking about. I totally eat bon bons and watch Oprah. I have all the time in the world to do nothing. And so that is what I do all day. Nothing.

Secondly, Swine flu has hit my neighborhood, it is in the public schools, and we're surviving it. I'm no longer afraid of the inevitable. We've been exposed, we'll probably get it and then move on.

Thirdly, do you think our parents ever stressed over all the stuff we stress over? No way. I'm taking a page out of my mamcita's book, because I survived just fine...and I suspect my children will too.


Andrea G. said...

I feel you Keri, on all of them! Especially feeling 1, 3 (totally the last part too!), and 9 today :) YOU are a sweet daughter of our GRACIOUS Lord and I appreciate your honesty! Praying that we can both rest in His GRACE today and tonight :)

Jill Kapfer said...

The horrible mother guilt, it seems to never go away. Just remember, guilt is not from God. You are a fabulous wife and mother--don't ever doubt that! :)