Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dude, is it Thursday already?

Where has this week gone?

So Mike and Lila and Christina (sister in law) came to our house last Monday and stayed a week. The boys (and us of course) ate it all up, loved all the extra play time and attention! They helped us tremendously around the house by sealing windows, fixing lights, putting storm windows in, doing dishes, washing my floor! (yes, she rocks!) and even hemming my pants. We truly were blessed and weren't expecting all of this help and are very thankful. We laid low and ate lots of not healthy baked items (my baking ban was lifted since we had company and I went a little crazy....) They helped with groceries and most of all, they got to be with us for a whole week. The boys were asking for them to come back five minutes after they left. Hopefully we'll see them at Thanksgiving! Unfortunately they left being exhausted and with colds...what can I say...we are giving people.

Brody was up all night with a sore throat (at least that's what I think, he was crying and coughing) so I got about two hours of Doing surprisingly well this morning, just waiting to hit a wall this afternoon. The snot factory has begun and I'm just praying that Lonnie and I don't get it before our big race on Sunday. Four days until the marathon relay, can't wait!

Working on some artwork for an art open house on November 14th. It's so much harder to get things done now that the weather is nasty and the boys can't go outside. It's time to get creative with entertainment! So that is my question of the day to you? How do you entertain when the weather is bad and the t.v is not an option?


Janice said...

Games, who cares if they play by the correct "rules" let them make them up. Right now 3 of mine ar upstairs with the play kitchen, we recently got some new plastic food at DG and they have been spending lots of time using it for picnics, grocery store, etc. All skills even boys can use!

Crazy Mom said...

Binding and gagging usually works.

Kim said...

We're going to try this one tomorrow. I don't have any illusions that ours will look like ghosts, but it should eat up some time (and I'm praying I can contain the mess on the couch).
We've also been bowling (in the living room of course) and making space ships and alien helmets out of boxes, foil, pipe cleaners and random recycling objects. And when in doubt I blow up a bunch of balloons and tie strings on them and let them figure out what to do with them. But I'm running out of ideas...let me know if you find some good ones.