Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growth spurt.

So a few weeks ago I broke down and bought Baylor a brand spankin new pair of shoes. This doesn't happen very often in our house because we can usually find them at a garage sale or Goodwill for much less. Apparently Baylor (and his little bro) have decided to up and grow on me. I'm not talking a few millimeters, I'm talking two shoe sizes! Baylor went from a size 10 to almost a size 12 in a period of two weeks. I've been told it only gets worse, so be thankful for $12 shoes instead of $80 shoes. This will come later, as it is his destiny to be a runner and good running shoes won't sell for less that $100. I now know why mothers donate plasma in between running kids to different practices! Eeek! He can still squeak into a 4T shirt and pants, but he will soon be in 5T. Brody has also grown and his shoes and slippers from the summer no longer fit. He is now a size 7 shoe. He has moved into a 2T top and 24 month bottom. I swear someone must have sprayed some miracle grow on these kids!

We are also trying a new, "test" tonight. Since Baylor doesn't like to nap anymore (even though he really really really needs it) and Brody takes a fairly good nap in the afternoon, he has been wired at bedtime. Baylor just needs to go to sleep and is exhausted and little bro is serenading him, reading books (on top of him...seriously, I came in one night and Brody was sitting ON TOP of Baylor...who was fast asleep) kicking the wall, taking all of the diapers out of the container, rearranging the books 56 times and just plain being loud. It was time for an intervention. We put Baylor down right at 8 and kept Brody downstairs to get some quality mom and dad time. He is currently dancing around in his light up slippers with a clear plastic container on his head (and why not? That's what I do when I'm wired.) Obviously not ready for bed. I thought Baylor would throw a fit but he quietly said, "oh, it's okay...Brody keeps me awake anyways." We'll see if Brody can stay quiet when he returns to bed. This could be fun.


The Kac's said...

We know a few things about growth spurts around here. Parker is currently in 3T at 16 months old (and has been for a few months). I'm thankful for friends who pass on their kids clothes to us, a grandma that spoils him and for the clearance aisle at many stores.

Jill Kapfer said...

Wow!! I always hate buying shoes for fear that they will outgrow them within a week. I guess it really can happen.

Andrea G. said...

Elizabeth and David don't sleep together, but whenever David does nap, which seems to be more often these days, he has to go to bed before Elizabeth :) It is usually about 6:45! He complains (maybe screams in more accurate) for a little bit and then is out. Often we put Elizabeth to bed around that time too, but he just doesn't know it. It is torture to him that he is bigger and going to bed first. And then we make a big deal about him staying up late when he does nap. But Baylor might not even need naps anymore, just sharing!