Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marathon relay

Well folks, the time is here! I'm headed to Des Moines in a few hours with my lovely husband and teammate. We will be running the Des Moines marathon....okay, so just part of it. I've been training since early summer and have loved it. I've lost some pounds, gained some muscle tone and have turned myself into a long distance runner. Five miles is nothing now! The next goal is half marathon!

Lonnie and I run the second leg of the race, which is the hardest with lots of hills. Sweet. The weather is supposed to cooperate as well, but I must bust out the spandex and re-live my college sprinting years. Both of our teams have worked so hard and I'm very proud of all of them! I can't wait to cheer everyone on to the finish line. Wish us luck!

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Andrea G. said...

Good luck Keri!!!!! I am sure you will do wonderful!!! You are so amazing girl! What a great example to your kids too!!!!