Friday, November 13, 2009


As a mother, wife and fabulous lady (tooting my own horn here, deal with it) I have to admit that I think I have a slight case of ADD.....really. I walk into a room and.....oooohhh something shiny!

Wait, where was I?

This week I have once again failed to be a good mother according to my scale because I have been so distracted by getting ready for the art open house (tomorrow at Diane's house by the way!) and playing in two different bands. I'm doing what I love both music and art are high on my list but I am ignoring what I love most, my children and husband. The housework and cleaning is always distracting as well and the ever so popular what to have for dinner! I wouldn't classify it as ignoring, there are a few different types of ignoring:

1. Tuning when your children say your name 1359 times in the course of one hour and you tune them out...intentionally. This also might work for husbands, but they catch on pretty quickly!

2. Ignoring by choice. I do this one a lot and pretend I didn't hear it (often because I really didn't hear it, I'm going deaf) Lonnie can attest to this as well.

3. Attention deficit ignoring...this I can't help, I just do it. I walk into a room with the intent to do something and come out doing five other things that caught my attention while I walked into that room.

So after the chaos of one week is over and we start with another, my goal is to quit intentionally ignoring and start spending some intentional play time with my kids!

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