Sunday, November 1, 2009


When you don't let your children have candy on a daily basis, the thought of having a bag full of sweet things could quite possibly send the over the edge. Brody was in heaven. He spent most of the night with his head in the trick or treat bag yelling, "I GOT CANDY! I GOT CANDY!!" Like he had found the spring of eternal youth. Later he realized that when you say, "trick or treat," it usually means someone will give you candy. So he kept running up to anyone and everyone yelling, "trick or treat!" and then putting out his cute little lion paws. He got a few, "oh look at the cute little lion, " and one, "dude, I don't have any candy." So if you see Brody in the next few days and you're carrying a bag, watch out or he'll ask you for candy.

Can you guess what my mom is?

She went as the H1N1 virus....hilarious. Some guy thought she was one of those carnival games that you throw a dart at and a handful of children tried to steal her balloons. You can see where I get my weirdness from.

Here they are. Little lion and Dragon. Even though we don't technically celebrate Halloween, they loved the dressing up and getting free candy....who wouldn't? Baylor is already planning for next year.


Kim said...

Your mom is so funny! That was great.

Dawn said...

I wondered what that was. That is funny!

Jill Kapfer said...

I love you mom!! My kids got entirely too much candy, which I am taking care of by consuming!

Andrea G. said...

What exactly is not technically celebrating when they dress up and go door to door for candy? :)

Your mom rocks! Love the green pumpkin, green crocks, and great costumes!

laura b. said...

I have the same question as Andrea...and also noticed the green pumpkin.