Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surgery Smergery

We finished out our week of Dr's visits today with the urologist to confirm that Brody probably has a small hernia and will need a two hour surgery to fix the hydroceles in his little testes (there's that word again...I guess I can't avoid it, I live with three males) The surgery is scheduled for December 16th and was the earliest we could get in. It's an outpatient procedure and he said it was tougher on the parents than the child. I'm not thrilled but I hope this will fix things! We are not traveling for Christmas this year either, so that will make it a bit easier and less stressful! The Doctor also questioned why the sent us to the ER (I do too!) and why the heck they tried to put a catheter in his wee wee. That is probably the source of all the pain, rather than the ping pong ball sized testes.
The poor little dude still has some weird virus and isn't tolerating his antibiotics very well as he spewed all over me, the chair and the floor this morning. He was put on a very strong antibiotic so I'm certain is was because he didn't have any food in his stomach yet. He's still very tired and whiney but the fever has broken (as of this morning!) All of this mess comes at the most inconvenience time as any time is convenient! I am leaving for the weekend for our big brass band competition in St. Charles, Illinois. We have been working so hard on this music and I hate leaving behind a sick little boy. I'm hoping he will continue to get better as the weekend goes on. It's supposed to be beautiful out so my dream is to come home to a clean house, healthy kids and lawn free of leaves (are you reading this honey? :) No, I'm just thankful to be able to get away for a while....alone, even though it makes me sad to leave!

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