Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Use your words not your hands

We have entered into a new stage with Baylor and it involves throwing punches. Every time I turn around or leave the boys to play by themselves, the punches start flying. Not just punches mind you, there are scratches and pile drivers and full nelsons. Our hopes and dream of raising a runner have quickly turned towards professional wrestling. We are trying to teach him that he needs to use his words first, rather than his fists. He prefers the fists. He has a temper like his dear mother, feisty and furious. Now Brody man doesn't get off that easy. He too, has developed quite the love for screaming and punching but most of the time it is out of self defense. Some of the time I let them duke it out but more often than none, it was Baylor who threw the first punch and needs to be disciplined. I can't say that I was a calm child, just ask my brother. I used him for a punching bag more often than I'm sure he'd like to remember. Sorry buddy.

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Crazy Mom said...

Sounds like you need the Hulk hands. Then they can say THEY aren't hitting, it's the Hulk doing the dirty work. My boys each have their own set. Isn't that special?