Monday, November 9, 2009

A wha? Huh?

What a marvelous weekend I had! I left on Friday for the US Open brass band championships in St.Charles. A few band members and myself hopped in the Suburban pulling our trailer and followed a very brave handful of people in a 1970 Starcraft RV. The RV was older than half the people inside and we strapped a pair of horns on the font for added hilarity. The RV has been a brass band tradition for longer than I have been a member and will continue to get strange looks and laughs until it dies....which could be any day now.
Here are a few of the band members that braved riding and hanging out in the RV over the weekend.

We played our hearts out but had a disappointing finish. It only makes us want to work harder next year. I was sick, lost my voice and cashed in early that night....just call me party pooper. I did however get a little taste of the good stuff. My friend Jen from Cary, IL took me on a wine tasting, cupcake eating culture experience. She taught my redneck self about different wines and we window shopped around Geneva. It was marvelous.

Brody man is better but Baylor has a cold now. I am still recovering with a nasty cough and pubescent male sounding's excellent. I'm sure this will be the first of many bouts with crud this winter.


MamaMiller said...

I love Geneva! Jealous... And wine. Double Jealous.

Crazy Mom said...

Next year...Lunch at Egg Harbor and Grahams Chocolate shop! Yes, I have it planned! I am an overachiever when it comes to wine and food!