Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

...and it's snowing....a lot. Expected snow fall will be from 9-15 inches. The boys have already ventured outside and I got quite a laugh watching them from the warmth of my kitchen. They were both on all fours trying to lick the snow up and then came the full on body tackles. It was only a matter of time before Baylor thought that the extra layers of insulation made him invincible. He pummeled Brody to the ground a few times. The snow must have made it easier on his little body because he was actually laughing. Laughing until he knew that I was watching and then magically turned on the water works. Funny how that works. They stayed out for a good half hour by themselves and just played together. I love watching them play together, it does good for my heart and soul. We can in and had hot cocoa after stripping them down of all wet clothes in the mudroom. I am thankful for a mudroom!

I have the best memories of playing in the snow as a kid. We would be out there for hours or until a part of our anatomy couldn't be felt anymore. We made these amazing snow forts and went sledding down dangerous hills with trees and sharp rocks. Only 1 concussion and one trip to the ER for a rock to the head, not too shabby. I can't wait to take the boys sledding as soon as we find the sled....wait, I don't think we have a sled....yes, we do...it's at Grandma's house.
The boys and I also made a skillet cookie today. A friend of mine got me a skillet for a whopping $1 at a flea market and her father cleaned it up for me. I'm mastering the art of skillet cooking and I think everything just tastes better. It also adds extra iron to your food.

Stay safe in the snow (if you're a local yocal) and don't be an idiot when you drive. I'm going to find our shovel now....

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