Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chasin' Chasen

Hi, my name is Chasen and I'm visiting the Speidel boys for the next two days. I am trying to remind the lady of the house what it's like to have a very active one year old around again!
I'm pretty much a non stop kind of guy. My new nickname here at the Speidel house is Smiley Monkey. Reason being 1. I like to climb things....mostly things I'm not supposed to like the stairs (see exhibit a) and 2. I am always smiling. (Exhibit b) Except for when Brody takes away my food, then I don't smile at all. I'm pretty sure I could take him if he wasn't sore from his surgery.
(exhibit a)
(exhibit b)
We have played and dumped just about every single toy in this house and my most favorite is the blocks. Both boys seem to like me and the older one keeps asking for another brother. Maybe they could just rent me for a while. I come back tomorrow for round two!

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AnE said...

aww thanks for the pics! I love the block one!
Im glad he was good for you:)