Friday, December 4, 2009

The Friday 15

Drumroll puhleeeease.....

The moment you've all been waiting for (other than the next 15 recipes to complete your month of meals, you're welcome by the way....I was hoping I could help some busy moms out, feel free to add, subtract and do a little dance when needed)

I was in the shower this afternoon. Yes, I said afternoon. What? There is nothing wrong with waiting until your hair can stand up on it's own from the grease to shower. I was also thinking of growing my leg hair out, you know....for extra insulation. Okay, no way is that ever happening. So where was I? Okay, afternoon shower...thinking of all the things I should be doing ( is it that four people can have so much laundry? Vacuum the massive amounts of dog hair from the ground, wrap gifts and pray Brody doesn't touch them) but my thoughts were drawn to the list I was about to create. The Friday 15. What was it going to be? Fifteen favorite Christmas movies? (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, ELF, It's a Wonderful Life.....) Things I've said to my children this week? (Spit that tire out of your mouth, why are you naked....again? You peed where?) Fifteen things that the city does to annoy me during nap time (Front loader to pavement in front of house, Jackhammer to road sign in front of house and snowplow to streets when there is .24 mm of snow on the ground) Ah, the choices!

So I decided on my list to Santa and a brief explanation on why I NEEEEEED these gifts (insert selfish laugh here, because they are....very selfish) I know, sooooo exciting. Hold on to your britches. (*note: most of these are highly unattainable, and this I with it)

Dear Santa, I would like a ___________ for Christmas. Love, Me.

1. Dishwasher that works. Lonnie works just fine but he's not very reliable.

2. New underwear. I was scarred as a child when I opened my gift (in front of all of my relatives mind you) from Santa and it was Rainbow Brite undies. Sheer horror. Now I'm okay with it.

3. Heating ducts upstairs. Not sure why the previous owners thought it necessary to cover up the heating ducts when we live in Iowa.

4. A mild winter. This would go right along with number three. I'm cold already and it's not even officially winter yet.

5. An under the counter Cd/DVD player. This is truly something on my real list. I love listening to music when I cook (along with dance in front of the large window, clothed of course) and watching the news. My friend Diane has one, and now I covet hers.

6. Someone to take me clothes shopping and tell me what looks good. I usually go on how something feels rather than looks. This has gotten me into a heap of trouble in the past. I have a lot of soft things, not a lot of stylish things.

7. A massage. Really. A massage.....a whole entire hour of someone rubbing the stress right out of my muscles. Alone. Quiet. Ahhhhhh

8. Chocolate. Duh.

9. Gourmet coffee. You know how some people are wine snobs (you know who you are) I am a coffee snob. Sorry Folgers, you are at the bottom of my list.

10. Another car. Our amazing friends have let us borrow their car for a while so we can search and save for might be a long while. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it has been. I haven't been stressed all week , I've had dinner ready and I haven't had to bundle up two cranky starving children and wait in the parking lot for their dad. Amazing. Anything that moves will suffice, but my dream is an SUV. I'm still not sold on the minivan, however as functional as they are....I'm leaning a little......a little I said!

11. Cold weather running clothes. I have decided to train for a half marathon in the spring and triathlon in early summer (yes, Jen...I found a bike! we're on) and since we live in Iowa and it's cold and will continue to be cold until April....blech.

12. A vacation for my family. We have yet to go on a family vacation that was actually dubbed, "a family vacation." I would love to take my boys to see the ocean. South Carolina maybe?

13. A weekend away with Lonnie. Alone. No children. Lord knows we need it. He started indoor track and I won't see him until June.

14. Snuggie, Slap-chop and Shamwow....even thought that dude freaks me out.

15. A high efficiency washer and dryer. I'm thinking that these enormous piles of laundry would get done faster and more efficiently with something that wasn't made circa 1970. I'm just sayin....

And this concludes my very selfish Christmas list. Hope you enjoyed.

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