Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday photos

Today we took a vacation after being stranded in our home for about four days due to massive amounts of snow and wind. A vacation to a much warmer climate (mama K's house...they have a nice heater there!) The roads were still pretty messy and of course the idiots driving large trucks and SUV's thought they were invincible.....and judging by the number of big trucks and SUV's I saw in the ditch...they most certainly were not. That's another story though.....
We made ornaments and the boys painted them.
My mom took the day off because we had planned a cookie baking party with my grandma. We ended up making this caramel instead. This day was planned before she had run in with a feisty race horse and tore her rotator cuff and bicep far away from any bone. I'm thinking she might need those later. Needless to say, Grandma ME is in a lot of pain (prayers much appreciated) and was super bummed that we could not come bake cookies with her. She's such a trooper though. When I'm 81, I hope I'm kayaking, walking four miles a day and getting up at the butt crack of dawn to take care of feisty racehorses.
So the boys really really really wanted to play in the snow even though it was 6 degrees outside. So I bundled them up and sent them outside. Baylor was hiding...probably because I made him wear a pink scarf. Sorry dude.
Brody was thrilled, he just grinned and grinned. Probably because he couldn't move due to the fact he had seventeen layers on.

Do I see a pocket protector in your future?

Tomorrow Lonnie and I are headed to a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation party. We have some sweet costumes. We are Clark and Ellen Griswold....and trust me, there will be plenty of pictures coming.

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Dawn said...

oh my, I would love to go to that party!