Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the mouth of babes....

Baylor: "Mooooommmmm, I have to poop!?"

Me: "Thanks for sharing....go poop then!"

Five minutes later....

Baylor: "Mooommmmmm! I pooped!!" (which is code for, please help me wipe my butt)

Me: "okay, I'll be right there" (which is code for, I'm so excited to wipe your butt....not really)

Baylor (grinning from ear to ear and showing me, using Vanna white hands)
"Look! It's humongous! It's super big! You should take a picture and show it to Daddy!"

Me: "Holy cow, did that just come out of you?"

Baylor: "Yes, isn't it's super huge!"

Me: "you have a super colon."

End of story. Good night. Amen.


Lindsay said...

This made me laugh out loud! It's kinda cute how proud he is of his bowels :)

Jill Kapfer said...

Abbie has never pooped without clogging our toilet. For Christmas, Zach asked for a plunger for every bathroom in the house! How does something so big come out of such a tiny person? :)

jamie k said...

we have had those same convos! :) and yes i did take a pic for andy one time.. it was HUGE! :)

i emailed you back a couple days ago but it just got sent back to me- let me know if you didn't get it today.

also are you going to what the craft this weekend.. leslie hall (crazy rappin spandex girl) weird/funny, is performing out there!