Monday, December 21, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Much to the dismay of our relatives in far away places, we made the executive decision to stay at home this year for Christmas. There were many factors that were included in our decision to plunk ourselves right at home during the holidays, including 1. The fact that we are the only ones (so far!) with kiddos and traveling long distances in a car where the boys can touch and poke each other is considered cruel and unusual punishment for the parents. 2. We want to establish our own family Christmas traditions with the boys 3. The stress that accompanies traveling and getting from here to there stinks. Don't get me wrong we LOVE seeing family and we will do our best to go where we need to go in order to see our loved ones. We're just taking a sabbatical this year.
I'm very excited to be home and to cook a Christmas breakfast and meal for the family. I'm even more excited to wrap (probably very poorly, I am an awful present wrapper!) the boys' gifts. I think I may even be more thrilled than they are. There will be lots of good food that isn't the best for you but it's Christmas.....and my Christmas gift to myself is lots of sugar and carbs for one day.
Speaking of Home for the Holidays.....that was the theme for our brass band concerts this weekend. Saturday night was in Mount Vernon to a sold out crowd! Nearly 400 people packed in the auditorium to hear out Christmas concert. It was simply amazing. To see the faces and expressions after we got done playing one of our most amazing pieces was priceless. I will never forget it. Sunday we hopped on a bus (I hopped in the suburban taking the equipment with my two favorite traveling buddies) and headed to Grinnell to play another concert. Despite the fact that my lips just may fall off, we had a blast and were thrilled to see so many in attendance at our home concert. I'm very much looking forward to learning new music for the Spring as we search out new concert venues (We will be in Iowa City at Parkview in the spring along with the Chicago Staff all of you Iowa City people, I expect you there! :)
Mondays are cleaning, library and meal prep days. I have a mountain of laundry to tackle, lots of mopping to do (oh steam mop, how I love thee) and meals to prepare for the week. Did I mention that I love my job. I'm being completely serious, I know you may often think otherwise seeing as I am the queen of sarcastic comments! What other job allows you to stay at home with the ones you love, work out in your living room in your p.j's and walk a block to the library. I am truly blessed!

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