Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus's birthday cake

Waldo has returned and is still alive (no fears mom!) We are watching him while Ma and Pa Koser visit Kort and Bri in Louisiana. Wish we were there!!
That says happy birthday Jesus....just in case you couldn't read the psychedelic green frosting covered in red and green non perils.

Well folks...the lights are still on (knock on wood) despite lots and lots of eerie flickering all day long. The trees have a nice ice coating and it's raining as the temperatures drop. We're hoping for an electric and heat filled night. More snow and ice is on the horizon.
I'm going to play my cornet at church for the Christmas Eve service if we still have it. I'm hoping the snow and ice taper off by the time people venture out to church.


Dawn said...

got any of that cake left?? Just kidding. Love it!!

Crazy Mom said...

I love that you call them non pareiles. or however you spell it. I thought I was so alone on that one.

If you lose lights and power you should come to chicago....the museums rock it!