Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

This pretty much sums up the reaction to every single thing that Baylor opened. Much to our delight we are raising a very joyous and thankful child. The presents were wrapped simply with brown paper and string (I like simple and I have a present wrapping deficiency, I need lessons from Andrea!) He loved every single thing that he received and kept thanking us over and over again. The highlight of his day was the gigantic pirate ship complete with squid and pirates. He hasn't put it down all day and he keeps telling us, "See, I told you Santa would bring it to me!" Well kiddo, it wasn't was Grandma Kris and Papa Steve, but you can think whatever you want. He also got a few books, a tackle box (he's so excited to go fishing with the grandpas) and some dragons.
...and then there's this guy. This look also sums up his present opening experience. GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GIFTS. We're working on the whole sharing thing and he's slowly learning! He opened one gift, two tractors from my Grandma M.E and was done for the day. He didn't want to open any more. Geeze kid, if we knew that before we got you all of this stuff! We convinced him to finish opening his gifts which included a Mr. Potato head, a Spiderman fishing pole (which can double as a sword) and some Matchbox airplanes. He carried his fishing pole into the kitchen twice proclaiming, "I'm going to grandpa's...see you later!" It was priceless.

Lonnie just got each other stocking stuffers and the t.v that was purchased with some art money a few months ago. I'm going to get to peruse through Lonnie's running catalog for new shoes and outdoor running gear. We were also VERY blessed to have some friends that had a brand new stainless steel dishwasher sitting in their basement....not being used. They generously gave it to us for free. I could hardly wait to get it home yesterday only to my dismay when we realized it was such a new model there would be some hiring of a handy man to help us. The wiring needs to be hooked up somehow and a new tube for the hot water. In our haste...okay, in my rushing Lonnie to put it in, I had him unhook the hot water (which was a very bad idea!) and that only ended in lots of water under the sink and no hot water until the dishwasher goes in. My bad. Needless to say, we are thrilled and thankful for such a blessing! Hopefully we can pay it forward to someone else!

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