Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our little trooper

From the time we got to the surgery center Brody was his usual joyful self. He contently played and laughed and flirted with all of the nurses. I wish I would have brought the camera, but thought they might think I was a tad odd...Hey! I have to blog about this later! He was put into mini scrubs with tigers on them that were five sizes too big, then they wheeled him away in a bright red wagon and he didn't blink twice. He also never cried. All of the I.V's were put in after he was put under general anesthesia and the surgery lasted a little under two hours. The incisions were a lot bigger than we expected but should heal up quickly. The nurses told us he was the perfect patient and didn't want him to leave. The only tears that were shed the entire time were when daddy wouldn't let him have a bite of his sandwich because he was on clear liquids. Why am I not surprised! We are still pumping him full of fluids in hopes of the pee to flow because if he doesn't pee by 4:30 we get to go back and get a catheter.

Both he and daddy are taking a nap while I baby proof the house. No....we don't have news we are stand in babysitters for little 1 year old Chasen tomorrow and Friday. Brody and Baylor are going to teach him how to streak, but judging from the pictures I see on his blog, he's already got it down. Hopefully Brody's pain will be tolerable enough to hang out with the little guy.

Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts, we really appreciate it!


Andrea G. said...

He is a little trooper! Way to go Brody! I would like a picture of the tiger scrubs :) Hope he went pee by 4:30!

Janice said...

Glad Brody is doing good!
I have taken pics prior and right after surgeries of Jarrett. I have felt a bit silly, but it has distracted him for the pre surgery times. Also have some really funny ones of him as the meds to get him all loopy kick in! :)