Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Over the top

With Christmas just around the corner and after spending last night wrapping gifts because I just couldn't wait any longer, I had a hard time grasping the fact that we as a society have turned Christmas into such a commercialized holiday. We can no longer say, "Merry Christmas" because we might offend and we can no longer sing Christmas songs, go on Christmas break or eat Christmas cookies! Seriously people. If it weren't for the birth of our savior (which coincidentally was actually in the summer in Bethlehem, but that's another story) you my friend, would not get that cute bright pink iPod you've been begging for. I have also found myself falling into the trap of wanting to buy my kids one zillion little toys to make them happy and see the joy on their faces on Christmas morning. I know it's only going to get worse when they get older and actually ask for things like cell phones (not until you're 25) iPods (borrow mine) and guitar hero (maybe....it looks kind of fun) I know, I'm a fun hater....I say his now, I'm sure I'll cave later.
Unfortunately, this year Baylor got a hold of the Toys R' Us insert in the Sunday paper and got a severe case of the, "wants and gimmies" It was so serious in fact, that we had to remind him numerous times of a Rolling Stones song....."You don't always get what you want." We also tried to distinguish the difference between wants and needs. Try explaining that to a four year old! His definition however, varied slightly from ours. A definite, "need" in his book is a pirate ship, Ice Age DVD and a strange looking transformer thingy. My definition is socks, underwear and coffee. So as we try to keep the gifts under control (which is probably the hardest for me!) and read the real Christmas story, one can only hope and pray that we aren't creating monsters.

There is a ginormous winter storm heading this way once again and we are glad to not have to travel in it, but we will say an extra prayer for those who have to! The cupboards are stocked, I'm making lots of goodies and we are ready for the ice and snow.....well, kind of.


Kim said...

We sing that to Josiah all the time, although he's usually wanting us to do something instead of buy something (I know that'll change soon).

Crazy Mom said...

Just wondering if your true version of the christmas story included a dinosaur, a dragon and a penguin?

Dawn said...

I keep our Christmas very simple, it is so much more enjoyable that way, and much less stressful. Unless of course you loose track of time and remember you still need stocking things....company is coming....practices....snow. Anyway I digress

Janice said...

Guitar Hero IS fun!