Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"There's a lot of sap in here"

Don't make me hurt you, it's been a long week....looooooonnnnnnng week.
Grandpa Allen and Grandma Mimi at Thanksgiving numero dos.
After a long trek through Handley's Tree Farm in Solon, chasing children amongst the trees and giving time outs in the middle of a row of blue spruces....we finally found this winner. Doesn't look so big does it? Not until you get it home and into the living room....holy cow. "There's a lot of sap in here!"
This was another attempt at our Christmas card photo. Everyone looks great...except Brody...."hey, pull my finger!" Fail.
Lonnie wanted this tree first....Charlie Brown would be proud.
Here's the winning photos. I'm almost positive we took about 154 photos and in every shot one child was looking like a.) Lucifer b.) the opposite direction of the camera and/or c.) or picking a nose. Sigh.
We had a great time down in Mount Vernon. Amanda's (Lonnie's sister) husband Bill took the boys on a tour of the Jefferson County Fire Station where they go to honk horns, blow sirens and flash lights. They were in heaven. We got to eat a nice meal with all of Lonnie' sisters (Kim, Amanda and Christina) and family. Since we decided to stick close to home for Christmas (yes!) it was nice to see them all for Thanksgiving.
After stuffing our faces in one place we drove seven hours home where we stuffed our faces again. The pants were a tad tight. I began training for a half marathon in the spring...maybe two. Drake Relays half marathon and Madison.....I'm trying to convince a few friends to join me! Want to join me?
I can't believe it's December already either. We have had AMAZING weather (knock on wood) It's nearly 50 today and I'm itching to get outside and run. I'm not a fan of treadmill running and I hate running in the cold...my lungs revolt. I am almost done with Christmas shopping, just a few things more and some stocking stuffers. Grandma Lila bought the boys an early present of matching bedding. It's so cute and will last a while. Thanks Grandma! This month continues to fill up with parties and activities but remember why we celebrate the season!


Jill Kapfer said...

Your comment about the tree reminds me of Chevy Chase's Christmas vacation. I watched the part the other night where he put the massive tree in their living room. Makes me smile all the time! I'm sure yours isn't quite that big! ;)

jamie said...

keri- i asked andrea g for your email but she said she just talks to you on facebook :) but i'm totally running the drake 1/2 also. Not sure if we could run together since we live far apart but would love to keep in touch about it. my email is jamiekampman@yahoo.com if you have time shoot me an email!