Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very Girswold Christmas we tried. We tried very hard. I tried to make my hair as 80's as possible....and failed. I tried to get the ugliest 80's Christmas sweater and look like Ellen Griswold....and failed. Lonnie on the other hand, looks awesome. We had Lonnie's staff party last night and the theme was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It was absolutely hilarious. I have many incriminating photos, but I'll save those for blackmail later. Tons of fun.

Let us know if you want to borrow our sweaters...... because I know you're dying to.


jamie k said...

those are great! did u get my email this time?

Andrea G. said...

Keri - You did GREAT! You just need to take a pic with you sitting on Lonnie's lap all seductive like that first pic.

Dawn said...

oh man, you guys look great. I am totally jealous!