Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years refusals

It's that time of year again. The time of year that people make outrageously lofty goals in order to bring some order and peace to their minds. They resolve to stop eating French fries, work out at least three times a week and stop complaining about their family.  Most of these goals fizzle out by week three, leaving them sitting on a couch, eating fries and thinking about how obnoxious Uncle Max is.  While these are wonderful heart felt ambitions that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Many of these resolutions involve DOING something.  My resolutions this year involve REFUSING. What can I say, that's how I roll.  I refused sleep as a toddler. I refuse to eat broccoli as a child. I refused to let the boys win at tag in Jr.High. I refused to be put in box in high school...no really....it sucked, that box was small.  Although, I have to admit, I have a few goals for the new year (teaching forcing Baylor how to ride a bike and completing the Tough Mudder race, stay in the jean size I am now) it's far more exciting to have a list of refusals....maybe a bit rebellious perhaps.

Refusal #1. 
I refuse to compare myself to others.  A monumental task indeed.  Mothers especially have this complex where they (often subconsciously) compare themselves to other more, "successful" moms.  The definition of a successful mom has yet to be defined.  I know I am doing a good job with my children. I know that soon I will go back to work as a teacher, but spending those quality years at home is where God wanted me.  There are plenty of moms who have it all together, sew their kids clothes, feed them organic whole wheat cereal with goat milk at every breakfast and can keep their children clothed.  I cannot nor will I try to be.  So what if their  kid reads the Dictionary before the go to bed or can speak in seven different languages.  It's not worth the anguish, so I refuse.

Refusal #2
I refuse to let people judge me based on the activities I choose to take part in, the way I look or act, the type of music I listen to, books I read or most anything for that matter.  Sometimes as Christians, we can be the most harsh, the most judgmental and the most nit picky.  You will have to answer to the big guy upstairs not to the lady down the street. Who are we to judge what kind of a Christian someone is or how strong their faith is based on the way they act or look.  I'm fairly certain God doesn't go down his checklist and say, "Well, it looks like you didn't do this bible study group and didn't participate in that food drive, so well...you're off my list....and is that tattoo?" Nope, he doesn't.  I'm not saying get lazy with your faith, but you don't have to be wound so tightly that you have tunnel vision. Some of the coolest (because being a cool  believer is mandatory you know) and strongest Christians I know have given up trying to impress everyone else in the church and focused on impressing God.  Pretty refreshing.

Refusal #3
I refuse to let the world tell me what type of parent to be.  Public, private or home school? Long hair, short hair or no hair? Spanking or time outs? Positive or negative reinforcement? Sports now or later? This kind of fits in with refusal number 1. There really is only one person you should listen to for parenting advice.

Refusal #4
I refuse (or at least I'll try my hardest) to complain.  It seems like complaining is second nature to most people, especially me.  I am probably a glass half empty person, but I blame that on being realistic. Sure, I can find plenty of things to complain about but when you really examine your life, is it worth the complaint? My kids are healthy, I have a house (sure, it's small and frequently cold, but it's a house) My husband has a job, we have two cars now (Praise God!) We eat well (this doesn't mean I cook well!) I shouldn't have the right to complain and I am often embarrassed after the complaint comes out of my mouth.  We could be fighting for our lives, have holes in the roof or be looking for work.  Think twice before you complain about something.

Refusal #5
I refuse to put other things before spending time with my family.  This is REALLY hard for me. I am the type of person that cannot sit still and if I do happen to have a few spare minutes to do nothing, I'm thinking of what I should be doing instead of sitting.  This characteristic can be a blessing and a curse.  I am always on time, I get things accomplished very efficiently. yet I don't know the definition of relax. Sometimes I have a hard time just sitting on the floor playing with my kids or watching t.v with my husband.  There are some things in life that can wait, spending time with my family isn't one of them.

Refusal #6
I refuse to act my age. Dear Lord, I'm turning 30 in a few weeks....it's killing me. Do I really need to act my age? I'm not talking maturity here, because you all know that I am probably one of the most mature and totally appropriate people you know (this would be highly sarcastic if you're keeping track)......so in the words of my Aunt, "Heck, I'm almost 70 and I have yet to act my age." I agree.

What are your New Year's Refusals?

Monday, December 27, 2010

The expressions of Christmas

 This is what is left of our Christmas tree......had to use a snow shovel to scoop up all of the excess needles. I told Brody to go make a needle angel....he didn't buy it.
 Skyping with Aunt Bri in Louisiana....she got to watch the boys open the gifts she got them.
 COMING HOME SOON!!! Yippee! My little brother is coming home from his deployment!

The rest are self explanatory.  Lots of smiling, happy faces! I hope you had a great Christmas like we did!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas.....

Twas the night before Christmas and all through our house, 
The boys were all stirring....yes, even my spouse.
The stockings were hid in the cabinet with care,
In hopes that the kids would not find them there.

The kids tried their best to not go to bed,
Some water! The potty! Now kiss my head!
I finally calmed them and kissed them goodnight,
Duct taped the door and turned out the light.

When five minutes later, I heard a big crash,
Brody was naked and gone in a flash.
Baylor he yelled for his bro to return,
"My goodness that child, when would he learn!"

Clothed, kissed and hushed, the boys were asleep,
I tip toed downstairs to the big laundry heap.
Stepped over some toys, the pillows and blocks,
Around light sabres, two dogs and some socks.

The dishes were piled so high in the sink,
If I tried to ignore them, maybe they'd shrink.
So much to do, presents to wrap,
Some wrapping and cleaning...I need a nap.

The huss and the fuss we've made it to be,
What happened to Jesus and family?
Presents and shopping and baking and stress,
We've forgotten his birth that for surely will bless.

So forget about presents and wrapping and pie,
Remember the Angels we have heard on high.
Be thankful for family, your warm house, your health,
It's not about wish lists or tinsel or wealth.

Remember this Christmas that babe in the hay,
To save us from sin, he planned it that way.
Snow falling gently so silently outdoors,

Christmas blessings from our house to yours!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas from heaven

I love you all dearly, 
Now don't shed a tear, 
I'm Spending my Christmas
With Jesus this year. 

This was on a special ornament that was given to Lonnie and I today from friends of ours who also lost a parent. It was so sweet and thoughtful and just what we needed to read.  This Christmas will be considerably harder than any Christmas before, as we spend it without this amazing man, father and husband. If you think about it, send a prayer up for our family this Christmas season.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet prayers

This is my sweet baby boy.  Actually, not so baby anymore....caught in the most precious act of reverence. This sweet boy says the best prayers. So sweet to a mother's ear.  So sweet to his Father's ear. Love me some little boy prayers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Truthful Tuesday: Christmas season observations

They say it's, "The most wonderful time of the year..." but as witness to grumpy sales clerks, children throwing tantrums and overindulgent parents, I think it's safe to say that we have clearly forgotten the reason for the season.  What used to be a simple celebration of the birth of Christ has turned into a chaotic and stressful time filled with cheesy buzzwords like JOY and PEACE and CELEBRATE! Have you ever really thought about the reason for those words other than adjectives to describe how you feel when you get a babysitter for the night?

Just some food for thought.

Speaking of thought. Having being sucked into the stress and chaos myself, I have had a few minutes to contemplate on some holiday observations.....

1. Simple is good. Simple gestures of kindness can make a persons day. Case in point; bringing a set of peppermint mochas to the receptionists at the dentist. I've never seen two people so excited over caffeine.
(I was also trying to cover my buns for missing Baylor's appointment last week...I think it worked!)

2. It's never a good idea to bring your children to the store at bedtime.  It's bedtime. Not shopping time.  Leave them at home...in bed. You don't get angry. They don't get angry. We all win.

3. Christmas cookies that look good, do not always taste so good.

4. Forwarding your husband a coupon for Lands End is the easiest way to get your point across.

5. Making a word document entitled, "KERI'S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST" and saving it to the desktop is also an efficient way to get your point across.

6.  Glass ornaments fear Brody....heck, even plastic ornaments fear Brody (see video)

7. I love God. I hate winter. (for those of you that think hating a season is sacrilegious)

8. I fear that I am using the, "It's the holidays" excuse to eat really unhealthy foods.  Yep, I am.

9. My husband signed me up for Perspectives.  I was dragging my feet terribly....thinking of every excuse. He trumped my excuses and signed me up.  I am looking forward to it AND I know some of you that read this blog have gone and loved it and/or your husbands are speakers!

10. Did I mention I hate winter?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do you like sugar? Is there sugar in syrup? THEN YES!!!

 Friday, on a much deserved and unexpected day off from work, my mama, the boys and myself pulled out all of butter, sugar and whipping cream that we could find.  She did most of the cooking while we did most of the eating....er, I mean testing of the goods.
 First we prayed.

Prayed that Brody would keep his clothes on, that there would be no fires or hurling of cookie dough.
 There was much testing.  You can't have a baking day without testing.
 I swear I didn't put that spatula back.......I think.
 There was wearing of vintage aprons and watching of candy thermometers.  Obviously I failed at finding the correct temperature because my pecan caramels turned into pecan caramel ice cream topping. Bah Humbug.
 If you remember the little Parmesan cheese incident, I'll give you one guess as to who decorated this cookie.
 Taking an espresso break.  

No, not really. 

There's milk in there.

 The cookie press, that unfortunately failed us towards the end and caused the grandma much cursing.

There was lots. 
Get over it. It's Christmas. 
 Sugar and BUTTER. 

Dear Lord almighty.

There was also some of this.......
Don't even ask......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First I must enlighten you with a scene from dinner tonight.  A scene of epic proportions.....and a ginormous mound of Parmesan cheese.  Where did this spectacular mound come from, you ask?  This mound is the end product of a certain three year old, "DOING IT HIMSELF!!!"  Sometimes there are battles not worth fighting and tonight I did not fight the battle of the Parmesan, instead I retaliated, grinned and grabbed the camera.  He also had to eat that mound of cheese.  Good thing cheese ranks #2 on his most favorite foods list.

Okay, now on to something a wee bit on the serious side.  I'm stealing this link from my friend Andrea, she always has good links!  It's great.  What is IT?

If you blog, if you Twitter, if you Facebook, if you write.....you should read this.  I am most guilty of sharing a massive amount of information, jokes, photos, you name it......guilty, guilty, guilty.  I love it. I crave it. I'm weird, I know.  I blog. I Facebook. I Twitter. I write. Sometimes I dream in Facebook status updates.

It's amazing how powerful words are. I hope my words are pleasing to read, but most of all I hope they are pleasing to Him.


And now for something completely different......

Random thoughts today: By Keri

1. Starting to feel jiggly, not a good feeling...back to P90X asap.
2. I have a real problem with odd numbers. I hate them. I would rather buy something that cost $40 rather than $37.....simply because it's odd. I'm odd.
3. I have become slightly addicted to reading.  The pile of books on my night stand it five. Did you know it's hard to read five books at the same time?
4. I am the world's worst present wrapper. Family beware.
5. I am studying the book of Isaiah in BSF. It's amazing. I learned today that I need to be more joyful (duh) and deliberate (more on that later) when teaching my children about God's word!
6. I love watching my husband at work. It's where I first fell in love with him and it's where he's in his element.
7. My hands are so cold right now that it's hard to type. I hate winter.
8. My children are in bed and it's time for me to clean the floor. Joyfully of course.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These toilets are GINORMOUS!

 Gingerbread house. Fail. 
(but it was fun to make)
 Buddy the elf in training. 
The first real snow. 
25 minutes to put on all of the snow gear. 
10 minutes outside. 
1 minute to take it off. 
Watching Brody fall face first into a pile of snow (but obviously feeling sorry for the dude) 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Buddies...

.....for the five minutes it took to shoot these photos. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am blessed. 

Thankful Thursday
I am thankful for....
1. My wonderfully beautiful family
2. Double shot cappuccinos (the real deal)
3. Hats (I love hats) I haven't made it to the shower yet today, so a hat is very necessary
4. That ham, turkey and dressing all freeze well. My fridge looks like a Tupperware breeding zone.
5. That my car now holds lots and lots of windows 
6. That we qualified for a government program that allows us to get a new furnace, water heater and some extra insulation for this freeeeeezing house! Praise God! 
7. That God has blessed me with talents that I can use to help out my hard working husband. It may not be much, but he lets me stay home with the two short ones for the time being. (The clock is ticking however....anyone in the market for a part time middle/high school art teacher?) 
8. Mashed potatoes. Yummy in the tummy not so much fun on the hiney. 
9. I found a non fat yogurt made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.....I've been searching forever!
10. For Baylor's classmates. He is blessed with good friends this year! 

What are you thankful for? 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


N.P.H what is that you ask? 


This happens at our house at precisely 2:00pm, most days.  I'm not sure why nor have I volunteered to join in this activity, but the short one feels the need to lose his drawers.  

I move from space heater to space heater because our house is so cold and this one has no pants on?! Explain that one. 

Good thing he has a cute butt. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and trees

 The tree.....all trimmed and ready for a multitude of presents to go under it......now if only I had a multitude of presents to go underneath.
 We get Aunt Bri for 10 days and she came along on our tree hunting extravaganza!
 Baylor with two of his four awesome and beautiful Aunts! They came for Thanksgiving and we loved having them here.
Brody was no where to be found for the photos.... probably nude somewhere.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's perfect!

I have been looking through magazines and browsing websites for the past few months, dreaming about the perfect Thanksgiving table.  Researching different recipes and decorations, contemplating how I can achieve total domesticity on this beloved  forgotten holiday.

I had been frazzled and stressed out, trying to clean and find chairs to fit around the table and china that matched. NOTHING matches in my house.  Chairs don't match, plates don't match, furniture doesn't match, towels don't match and on rare occasion my socks don't match.  Someday things will match, just not at this point in my life.  I pulled out every utensil, cup, saucer and platter trying to find the perfect place setting.  I was failing miserably at this point, when Baylor comes into the kitchen where I had everything sprawled out on the counter. It looked like the china cabinet had just barfed.

If I had a china cabinet.  

He smiles and walks away. I can see the excitement of the impending holiday in his little eyes.  He has no idea why mom is cursing at the silverware.

I continue to put table cloths on and rearrange chairs (or lack thereof) to make sure we are able to walk and sit and of course for our expanding bellies.  I threw some pumpkins and Indian corn on the table and stacked some plates, but really it was just a huge mess.  Nothing was organized, nothing matched.....and in walks Baylor.



It's perfect.

It takes one five year old to make this crazy mother realize that it's not about having matching china or a Martha Stewart like table, it's about who is sitting at those slightly crooked and very dirty chairs.

I am looking forward to preparing a meal for family but what I am most looking forward to having them all here (except for our two brave soldiers Bill and Kort) There will be tears I'm sure and much laughter!

Ah, enough of this mush. I am off to scrape dried peanut butter off the table....*sigh*

Friday, November 19, 2010

Home improvement marriage building

 I don't suggest that anyone, especially two married folks, to embark on a home improvement project (or trying to fix a bathroom boo boo) together.

In the same room.


one person starting the project and think *she* is doing a bang up job, only to be shot down and crushed by the other person involved.  

Okay, okay....I have many talents but apparently cutting tile 

It all started as a little re-caulking project and ended up as a major bathroom overhaul.  A major bathroom overhaul that was not in our budget for this month, especially since Thanksgiving looms around the corner.  I have to give my wonderful husband credit, he did a marvelous job.  I however, sucked it up.  I shall no longer be allowed to place sticky squares anywhere in our house....ever.  Amen.  

The best line of the day goes to Baylor who exclaims, "We have a new bathroom!! The old one was hairy!!"
(I'm so sorry that I shed like a banshee) 

 Here is the finished product. SO much better than the purple wall and whitish yellowing tile.  It is however, VERY slippery...just ask two naked, wet boys who bit it after their baths.
                   So happy to have my bathroom back and unfortunately for Brody, will no longer have to shower in a big tiled room with lots of showers and lockers.  

P.S I have a new stove too (also not in the budget but much needed...Merry Christmas to me!)