Friday, January 1, 2010

Been farmin long?

Okay, take a good look at this photo. Cute, huh? My grandma used to have it hanging in their bathroom on their farm and I loved looking at it every time I was....well, you know. The caption read, "Been farmin long?" Awesome.

Then look at this photo.......
....if I only could have found his striped overalls!
This look is better fit though. Apparently we're raising a little terrorist. Just look at those manly shoulders! He will certainly have his daddy's broad shoulders and burly arms.

So the masked man above has had a high fever all day long. I think it's just a cold but one can never know. Baylor had a high fever a few days ago so I'm assuming that is what is ailing him. It was a VERY long night last night with him and I'm hoping the ibuprofen piggy backed with Tylenol will help him sleep better.

So my new year's resolution of drinking more water was successful today as I only peed about 235 times. Why yes I have the bladder the size of a walnut. Be jealous.


Andrea G. said...

Love the original and the new one of Brody!

Dawn said...

Better get that kid an airplane ticket! You can tell yourself you are well hydrated!!