Saturday, January 16, 2010

Car games gone awry

Sometimes to pass the time in the car, the kids and I will play games like, "I spy" or "I'm thinking of a word that starts with the letter A" It's fun for both of them and it helps with reading and spelling for Baylor. We had been through two games on the way home from my parents house and Baylor wanted another, so we decided on the, "I'm thinking of a body part that begins with the letter..." game. Totally loaded gun by the way.

I start the game with the letter L and before I even get the letter, "L" out of my mouth, Brody yells, "PEE PEE!" from the back seat.

Nice try son. Apparently we need to work on Brody's alphabet.

So we continue on with our little game and it's Baylor's turn to think of a body part and letter.

Baylor: "I'm thinking of a body part that starts with the letter, V!"
Me: (in my head, frantically thinking if we've had the boy and girl body parts conversation recently) "V, really...don't you mean, B?"
Baylor: "No, mom...I said V"
Me: (crap, there is no way he knows that know...the lady parts word?) "uh....uh....uh....head?"
Baylor: "No mom, head starts with the letter H."
Me: "Indeed it does.....I was just testing you. Can you give me a hint?" (dear Lord, let it not have the word "private" in it!)
Baylor: "No way, you have to guess."
Me: "Okay....uh...vuh...vuh....vuh......." (now I can't stop giggling)
Baylor: "It's VEINS!"
Me: *sigh* "Oh, how could I have forgotten veins?!"

Moral of story: Do not play body part games with your kids....unless they're studying for med school.


Andrea G. said...

That is hilarious! I LOVE the header :)

Jordan and Malcolm Granado said...

I love that you play car games with your boys!! Being a Pre-K teacher we love when parents do this kind of thing, and it sounds like it is helping. Props to you and Lonnie

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