Thursday, January 14, 2010

Favorites update

Name: Baylor Michael
Age: 4.5
Size: 5T/6 extra small, 38lbs, size 11 shoe
Likes: Fruit (just ate 1/2 a watermelon for lunch) dressing up in his cowboy outfit and chasing his brother across the room, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, looking at Venus fly traps and nature videos on YouTube, taking ALL of his clothes off when he goes to the bathroom and teaching his brother how to read.
Dislikes: Wearing clothes after 4 p.m, staying in HIS bed at night, anything that might resemble a green vegetable and not being in control.

Name: Brody Stephen
Age: 2.5
Size: 2T/3T, size 8 shoe (almost) 31 lbs
Likes: Tractors, trains, screaming so loudly that dogs come running, being overly dramatic, building things, breaking the baby gate (we're on baby gate number three) and playing hide and seek.
Dislikes: Anything that is good for him, juice, brushing his teeth, taking naps and staying close to a parent in the store (apparently the isles are made for sprinting instead of shopping)

Name: Keri Lynn
Age: 29 on the 24th
Size: Not in a million years
Likes: when both kids take naps, good coffee, dark chocolate, drinking her vegetables, running outside, watching those ghost hunters shows on t.v (I know, i'm weird) when both kids sleep through the night in their OWN BEDS and playing games with her husband (as in Scrabble not mind)
Dislikes: Arrogant and obnoxious people, Migraines (feel one coming on now....grrrrr) being a referee and her husband's poopie coaches schedule until June.

Name: Lonnie Alan
Age: 34
Size: He'd kill me
Likes: Beating his wife in computer solitaire and gloating about it, snoring (not that he really likes snoring, he's just really good at it) The Saint Louis Cardinals, playing hide and seek with the boys, scaring the crap out of them by saying there are crazy banshees in the house and coaching.
Dislikes: Eating leftovers, having his socks rolled, listening to whining, not having an official place to pile his things and sleeping on the very uncomfortable couch.

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Andrea G. said...

David too insists on taking off all his clothes with going number 2, and used to be number 1! I thought the winter would cure him of that problem, but I guess not! BRR!