Thursday, January 7, 2010

I gots me some swollen toes

(Disclaimer: the first part of this may a. gross you out or b. completely bore you to death.....but you can't say that I didn't warn you)
I rarely go to the doctor unless I really know I'm sick or that something is wrong. My mom is a nurse and she is very good at an over the phone diagnoses. We were both stumped at the fact that my toes have become increasingly red and swollen over the past few weeks. They hurt to walk on in the morning and running on them has been quite the challenge too. Thinking it was frostbite or athlete's foot or even a corn (I know, this is really gross and somewhat embarrassing to talk about) I decided this morning I really needed to see a professional with M.D behind their name. Now, I probably have some of the ugliest feet ever (I apologized to the Dr before I flashed her my tootsies, I didn't want to scare her) scars from running and soccer have left these somewhat stumpy looking feet in rough shape. So I braved the snow and drove into our local family practice to get them checked out. I left with a dermatology appointment, a stumped doctor, some blood work holes in my veins and no definitive answer as to why my toes were acting this way. The doctor did find a suspicious looking mole on the bottom of my foot (I'm covered in moles (I call them beauty marks) and used to play connect the dots when I was bored in class) and wanted me to get that checked out too. My father has had skin cancer twice and having over 50 moles puts me at a high risk for skin cancer. So I'll head to the dermatologist later next week to see if we can figure out the mystery and to get a skin cancer screening. I hope you all check yourself out.....really! It's better to be safe than sorry. I also never wore sunscreen in high school and frequented tanning beds (doooooon't dooooo it!!) Thanks for continue to read, sorry if I totally grossed you out. Hey, it's life.

Apparently we live in the arctic these days. It snowed another 8 inches last night and the wind has picked up so the wind chills are expected to be somewhere in the -30 range. Oh boy, I can't wait! It's really put a dent in my trying to run outside and I am forced to run on the indoor track where the air is so dry it makes you gag. I've snagged a road bike for the summer and have slowly started to train for a triathlon (thinking this one) along with adding miles and high hopes for a half marathon. Now I just need the weather to start cooperating!

The boys and I have been having fun inside. They are still finding their Christmas toys interesting and if they get bored they just switch with each other. Yesterday we built a fort in the living room and made a huge castle for dragons out of blocks. I love that they are at the age where they can engage in more activities with me, but also sad that they are growing up so fast. Baylor kicks my butt in Go Fish and Memory just about every day. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with them so I can watch them and be a part of their life! Thank you Lonnie :) I will eventually go back to work (speaking of work, need some credit hours to keep my teaching license! eek!) but am very thankful for this time with them.

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Lindsay said...

What?! No picture of said ugly toes? My husband has the ugliest feet in the world, so yours can't be all that bad...
Hope they feel better soon!