Monday, January 18, 2010

Impending doom

I knew it was inevitable that we would have to deal with the stomach bug sooner or later. Last year it was all four of us and it was on my birthday. This year, it's a week before my birthday and so far, it's just Brody. He's been throwing up since 6 last night and it's 2. First we have croup, then ear infection and now the stomach bug. I have sanitized every surface I can think of and needless to say, we had a VERY long night. I'm praying that it stays contained to one child, but that may be asking too much. My WONDERFUL amazing mother has the day off today and she sacrificed her day off and her health to take Baylor so I could be home with Brody. You are the best mom! So if you are sending some health prayers up today, think of us!

Is spring here yet?!

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Kim said...

60 days, 1447 hours, 86866 minutes and 5211960 seconds until the start of spring.