Friday, January 8, 2010

A little bit of this and that.

Just a little advertising here, so bear with me. Myself and a few other local artists are going to get together with Just Jill's Espresso 134 to host an art night and wine tasting. All local wines and artists. Perfect place to find a valentine gift or new artwork for your walls! Mark your calendars.
Thank you Great Aunt Nina for these lovely cowboy boot slippers! They are hilarious and Brody didn't want to take them off. Yes, those are big boy pants....don't get too excited. He wore them all morning and held his pee until finally he couldn't any longer. He did get to feel what it's like with wet pants. I'm pretty sure he's not ready yet, but he's getting close. We're aiming for this summer as a diaper free zone!
After taking some time off from art over the holidays, I lugged some of my frozen paints out from the mudroom and began to work on a few projects. I borrowed a sewing machine from my friend Nickie and want to incorporate some sewn things into my artwork if I can just figure out how to work the machine....oh yea, I need some thread too. Nickie, I lied....I need your help and your thread.
This was one of the boys projects since we have been stuck inside because of the weather. Brody is going to be my little engineer, he loves to build and take things apart and is very careful when he does it. They built this castle for dragons. Amazingly enough it managed to stay up for longer than five minutes.

A few other side notes: I LOVE my new dishwasher. I can't say that enough. It's been about six months without one, which wasn't the end of the world, I just felt like all I was doing was dishes. I have so much extra time and I'm less stressed about dishes after a meal! Thanks again to the Benders and Handy man Darryl for installing it. What a blessing!

God has certainly taught me a lot this week whether I like it or not. I've learned to be more patient with my children but also to help them learn to do it themselves. We have been unknowingly doing the little things for Baylor and now he either refuses or says he, "can't" do it (a major no no in our house) It has been rough, but after a twenty minute roll on the floor whining battle, Baylor put his pants, socks and both shoes on by himself. I've also learned that
people will continue to disappoint and make obnoxious statements, but they are human and God still loves them (even if it makes me want to kick them in the shins and run) Sometimes our standards and Christians are way to high even towards other believers and we have to realize that perfection was only attained by one man. Sometimes biting my tongue and smiling will have to do. God also taught me to appreciate my husband a little more. Besides working hard for our family and being a pretty awesome coach and father, he takes time out of his busy day to get down on the floor and play with kids. They may not show appreciation now, but they will later.

Finally after reading a verse in Job about how we come into the earth naked and leave the earth naked, I am convinced that my children are just fulfilling their portion of this, by completing the middle section (obviously that was left out of my translation) that states that they should remain naked. Because that's what they are most of the time.


Brianna said...

When I read that verse from Job, I thought "Weird, I just read that too!"...then I thought "Oh wait...BSF...duh" Silly me! Love the pictures of the boys :) P.S. If you still have the pear painting I may have to have you put it on hold for me.

Andrea G. said...

So many thoughts...

First... that is a lot to learn in one week, you go girl!

Love the invitation... David's birthday is the 14th, but I would to try to squeeze that in if I have decorated the cake by then!

I can't believe how much Brody looks like his dad!

And lastly, one of my favorite things about preschool is it made David start doing all these things I didn't realize I always did too cause it was faster to get out the house!!! It was a hard lesson for David to learn and for me to give extra time to leave somewhere so I was not frustrated at him!

Stacy said...

Great biblical interpretation...laughing over here!!! I'd love to hear you share that one on Wednesday. :D