Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh, croup.

Brody is winner of the, "Had croup the most in one winter" award.

Poor little guy was up ALL night coughing his little head off. He sounds much like a barking seal and just as he starts to fall asleep, he begins to cough again. He even coughed so hard that he puked all over me....twice. I tried EVERYTHING.

1. Breathing and nebulizer treatments round the clock (check!)
2. Stood outside in the cold air (while shady neighbors watched) (check!)
3. Steamy shower (check!)
4. Steroids (check!)
5. Walk around the block in cold air (check!)
6. Called Dr, nurse and mother (check!)

It is viral, so we're just waiting it out but I just feel so helpless and want to help him stop coughing! So say a little prayer for Brody man tonight when you go to bed.

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Andrea G. said...

Praying for Brody! My mom always said I sounded like a barking seal too! From someone who was always plagued with it, it does truly sound worse than it feels. The worst part for me was the weight gain and incessant talking with Prednisone (sp?)!