Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today is Wednesday.

These are my new bowls. You know you're getting old when you start getting excited about cooking utensils for your birthday. You should have seen our old nasty stained white (kind of) plastic bowls. These even have little rubber bottoms so they don't slip when you mix in them. I'm in love.
This is a photo I took of a block. I also took about 15 other photos of different toys in the house that reside in different containers. I then made labels with big words (for Baylor) and photos of the toy that is inside the box (for Brody) Hopefully this will aid in the picking up process, because I'm fairly certain I am doing it all myself sometimes!
And here we have our homemade bird feeder made with two wooden spoons (also used for "panking") a two liter bottle and bird seed. We have been digging for projects to do inside since we have been stuck here for what seems to be a lifetime. I hung it up on a tree outside that we could see from the window. So far the only thing that's eaten off of it is our friend Hammy the jumpy squirrel. He's in big trouble.
Finally, we have a birthday photo of me and crazy smile Baylor. It's a tradition that I get a bottle of Keri Lotion on my birthday. My name is common but the spelling isn't. So my dad always gets me this for my birthday, just in case I forget how to spell my name. It's happened before.

Now on to the facts:

Today is Wednesday.
Today Brody will not have taken a nap in a week.
Today it's snowing.....again.
Today marks 51 days until spring, 144 days until summer and 331 days until Christmas.
Today Baylor took his clothes off to go number two.....again.
Today I got a birthday card from my sister in law Christina who is going to have a baby soon! I'm going to be an aunt and I can't wait.
Today I ate the last of the Christmas chocolate and contemplated moving on to the baking chocolate.
Today is hump day. Not sure how I feel about this name yet. It might rank right up there on my list of words I do not like along with moist, crevice and uvula.
Today I am super sore from doing a kettlebell workout with my new kettlebell weights.
Today I painted my nails red. I'm a nail biter and have been trying really really hard to grow them out. I'll probably end up chewing the polish off.
Today I was so thankful that Baylor and Brody BOTH stayed in bed (after one minor pee/kiss/check at midnight) last night.
Today I went to Bible Study Fellowship and God really taught me a lot.
Today is Wednesday.

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Lindsay said...

It's like that episode of 'Seindfeld' when George is at a party and takes his shirt off to go to the bathroom...and forgets to put it back on.
Love the bowls- they look so happy!