Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alone Time

I have escaped this afternoon. Okay, so it's not really an escape because that would mean that being at home was like in jail. Although the thought has crossed my mind a few times, I would not equate being at my lovely house to being behind bars. I love my family. I love my kids. I love my husband. I have just escaped for a few hours into silence (or more like my iPod with Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring Suite and some brass band music....yes, go ahead and say it...nerd alert) a computer (Lonnie doesn't know that I ganked his out of his bag, thanks babe!) and a coffee. I refuse to feel guilty about leaving the house for a few hours of alone time because I put in my 72 hours without a husband the past few days. I earned this. Do any other mamas out there always feel guilty for leaving the house alone? Maybe it's just me.

I also got to go on my first road bike ride this morning. I watched the temp and figured that 27 degrees was balmy enough to enjoy a ride. I'm not going to lie. It was hard getting used to being in a very forward position and yes, I had to watch a tutorial online on how to shift. I spent the first part of the nine mile ride in one gear.....because I'm an idiot. I finally figured out how to shift into a nicer gear and boy were my legs thankful. I'm used to a mountain bike and this is so much different. I also believe that road bikes are meant for people with larger hands than mine. My hands were cramping up and barely reached the brakes. Once again, something I will have to get used to. Two of my close friends from high school and bridesmaids are thinking about doing a triathlon in Naperville this summer. It's in June so that doesn't give me a whole lot of time, but it will be something to get me motivated to train harder.

Time to go back to reality.....motherhood is calling.

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jamie said...

keri i totally feel like that too- i feel like i have to hurry and get back. you're not alone on this one!