Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baylor battles

It's hard to believe that this cute little blond child could be causing so much frustration and confusion for his dear parents. Believe it or not, mister Baylor has been giving us quite the battle (like this is hard to believe) It seem whenever we drop him off at an activity be it Awana or BSF or preschool, his little lower lip starts to quiver and then the waterworks start. After a few minutes of huge crocodile tears and telling me how scared he is and how he's rather go home to bed (which I made him do at 6 last night) he starts with the freaking out part. With the freaking out comes a raised voice and sometimes a mad dash for the door. The funny part is, he used to love all of these activities at one time and ran right in, kissing me on the lips and saying, "see you later mom!"

What happened?


I feel like the worlds worst parent and am sure dumbfounded on what to do.

We know the kid is 1. strong willed 2. a manipulator 3. hard headed 4. strong willed and 5. hard headed. We just can't figure out if it's something we have done or said to strike fear and anxiety into his little heart. He is a smart little cookie, always trying to figure stuff out and insisting that he is always right (this part I blame on his dad's genes) Part of me knows that a portion of this little charade we put on every day is an act, but I honestly feel like he is a bit scared but that baffles me as well.

I can't seem to find this chapter in my parenting for dummies handbook.....

On a positive note, I'm an aunt! I'm so excited for my sister in law Christina. After long hours of labor, the boys have a new cousin, Elijah Michael Speidel born yesterday night. I'm hoping to have some photos up soon. He's a cutie. Blond hair and looks just like his mama. Christina will be a wonderful mother.


Lindsay said...

Maybe at some point a teacher or kid said something to him that makes him afraid to be left somewhere?
Or maybe he just really, really loves you and can't stand to be away from you :)

Andrea G. said...

You are a WONDERFUL mom, Keri!! You love your boys, you love the Lord, you are doing a wonderful job! Remember that God handpicked YOU to be Baylor's mama, and that your personality, gifts, abilities, are just what he needs, and ONLY YOU have the right combination!!! Praying for insight into the situation for you! You said he is strong willed and manipulative, so you have your work cut out, but YOU CAN DO IT MAMA!!!!

Brianna said...

As much as incentives aren't always the answer, maybe a sticker chart or something would help to encourage him. You could put a Bible verse like Joshua 1:6 "Be strong and courageous" (paraphrase:) on it and talk to him about how God gives us courage to do things that seem scary. Then give him reminders before you even leave the house about where you are going and what your expectations are for him. As he transitions more calmly (coming and going), he could put a sticker on his little chart to earn a non-material reward, like doing something fun with you or Lonnie. Anyhow, that's my idea of the day, gotta get back to pulling up staples!