Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eternal sunshine

Today is sunny. Macey (the shedding ball of fur) is soaking up the rays through the windows. I love sunshine. Even though it's still chilly, it just makes everything a little better.
Here we have Baylor with an owie from his little brother. I find it very amusing that he was beat up by a dude shorter than him. He is usually the one doing the picking, but this time he got boxed. I'm giggling inside and know full well that Brody will probably kick his butt many times.
My favorite red bench that sits on our porch. Unfortunately it has now become a snow boot holder for the time being. I'm hoping it will turn into a flip flop holder very very soon.
The other ball of hair sitting on the porch soaking up the rays today.
This was my lunch today. Black beans, corn, onion, fresh cilantro, avocados, roma tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, lime and sea salt. So good. So good for you. I could eat it every day.

I am currently husbandless until Saturday night. I've found a few things to keep us busy but sometimes it just gets long. I do enjoy not having to cook though, I usually just make simple things or treat the boys to fast food (I know, I know...we don't do it often) I have a few projects I'm working on along with a long list of house projects for spring.


Lindsay said...

Your pups are so cute!

Miss Mommy said...

I "know" you thru Andrea and Berkley- used to live in IC, now in Scotland. Anyway, that salad looks AWESOME!!!! I will definitely copy it. I also adore that red bench. Looks straight out of a mag. :)

Emily/Miss Mommy

Crazy Mom said...

You let your kids eat French fries? What's next, white sugar? Turrible...just turrible.

PS my word verification word is sactoate. Do you think it's like lactate? Ew.