Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday photos: Get

So I sent the boys outside yesterday because it was above 20 degrees (party!) and they needed to burn of some major energy. Poor Brody lost his sock and boot at the same time and his brother jumped to his rescue. I shot this right before I ran out to help him....I promise.
Baylor has this huge fascination with eating snow. Just as long as it's not yellow....or brown for that matter.
Say Cheese Brody.......hello!? Cheese. Not close your eyes!
I watched the boys from the big kitchen window while sipping hot tea and reading a magazine. It was great.

Happy Friday!!


Stacy said...

I get to stay inside while my critters are outside all the time now. It IS great!

Andrea G. said...

Oh I want a gate, I want a gate, I want a gate! :)