Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Musings

This is my new coat. A total SCORE at Goodwill. It's an Ann Taylor coat, which at retail goes for about $200. I scored mine for $25. It's perfect for spring and rain...both of which I can't wait to get here. No need to see my was pretty frightening after getting up at 5:30 to go work out (my new goal) and without make up. I will spare you the yelp.
This is not even the half of it. I did a little test this week to see if I could wait an entire week without doing a load of laundry to see how many loads would accumulate within the week. The answer my friends is about 8. I am still confused as to how four people could create such massive amounts of laundry. I am also realizing, having posted this photo, that my bra is hanging out of the side. Awesome. It's an A cup, just in case you were wondering. Baby boobs.

Now that that is out in the open......on to our next subject.
He's cute. He's covered in snot....and chocolate milk...and is still in his pj's. He also carries around his "mush-er" which means measure. I labeled this photo just in case you were confused as to the slimy substance running down his face or the brownish goop around his mouth. Both of which are non toxic.
This is what happens when you do art all day (I washed my hands, I promise) It becomes you. It also is all over my house. On my children.

Very excited that my husband is taking the Perspectives class at our church. Tonight our good friend is speaking (Doug Schillinger) and there are tons of other amazing speakers. He has come home pumped about what he is learning. I'll get to take it next time and he will get to stay home with the yahoos!

I am also getting ready for the art night and wine tasting at Just Jill's Espresso 134 in Lisbon on Saturday. I think we're going to have a wonderful turn out, hopefully I can get rid of some windows! I'm pumped.


Dawn said...

WHOA Nelly, LOVE the Coat, and HUGE score!!! Awesome job getting up early, I know it is not always easy but we moms have to do what we have to do to make exercise work into our schedules.

The Kac's said...

Awesome coat! Way to get a deal!

Janice said...

The coat ROCKS!!!!
Wow, and AWESOME speaker for tonight, everytime I have heard him when he was at Harmony, I loved him.

Kim said...

I love the coat! And that pile of laundry is impressive, especially for a family of streakers.

jamie k said...

that coat is awesome! so cool that your hubs is taking perspectives. the class with ruin ya! :) in a good way!