Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No more excuses punk

Wednesdays are always mental overload days, but in a good way. I go to Bible Study Fellowship in the mornings where I get to sit down for two hours, have awesome group discussion on what we've learned and hear an amazing lecture. I am always challenged and leave feeling full. So full in fact that my brain is in overload for the majority of the day. I try to wrap my head around concepts and principals that I've heard or read. I am also very convicted of my lack of preparedness and basic motivation sometimes in preparing for the upcoming lessons. In the beginning I took time each day to read and prepare but as the weeks continued I made less and less time for what should be most important. It's not about finding time it's about making time and I have plenty of opportunities (hello Facebook, Lost and painting) that could be pushed aside in order for me to adequately finish my lesson. The less time I spend in the word, the more I fill my heart and mind with junk and I can see that in my actions, the way I treat my family and the people I love the most. I then find myself being rushed and cramming at the end, even though I often learn more that way. No more excuses. I will hide in a quiet space (which will be very hard to find around here) and read, pray and study. I have never been a study kind of girl, I always thought there were better (and much more entertaining) ways I could be spending my time. Clearly not making time for Him, putting him last on your list and rushing through prayer is an act of defiance. Our pastor is preaching on obedience and had this awesome quote last week. I will leave you with that and this beautiful yet disgusting photo of winter at our house. I am SO ready for spring.

“It would probably not be an exaggeration to say that disobedience is one of the main characteristics of modern Christianity. We know what Jesus teaches but we do not do it. Disobedience in sexual morals, in relationships, in attitudes to those who make life hard for us. Disobedience in lack of hospitality, in begrudging our money, in unwillingness for change. Our disobedience is not marginal to our lives; it is central. We do not make time to spend with God, but give it all to our work and our pleasure. We do not set our affections on things above and find treasure in heaven, but are more materialistic than any previous generation has ever been. We do not obey the Lord’s last command to go and make disciples. Instead we are hesitant about the content of the good news, and reluctant to talk about it.”

Michael Green, Thirty Years That Changed the World. p.44


Andrea G. said...

Great thoughts, Keri! I really like the quote, it is very convicting! I have really been trying to make morning time with the Lord a priority and it is making such a difference in my attitude each day... fixing my eyes on Jesus, helps keep perspective during the day... I clearly fail often, and the Lord shows me grace, but it is so key to the kind of mother, friend, teacher, wife, daughter, sister I am that day!!

Stacy said...

help me...I cannot think where I heard/read the part about filling your mind with things other than the word having an effect on your actions. Was it lecture, the notes, discussion group, fellowship, a recent sermon? It certainly struck me, as well.