Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I went to Goodwill with Brody this morning to find some sweaters to make hats out of (see HERE) and see if I could find some jeans that fit and found this! I am in love. We're having problems with the dogs marking their territory and just simply aging and not making it outside and thus have no carpet downstairs. I know it sounds gross, and it's super frustrating....believe me! Anyways, I found this sweet rug for the kids to play on and watch videos....for $17. Rock on.

Off to paint! Got a few orders to work on!


Dawn said...

You are on a Goodwill roll right now, I am jealous been on a little dry spell.

Andrea G. said...


Great find!

So glad you could sell some art!

We LOVE the children's museum!

MamaMiller said...

Pretty sure you are the GW Queen :) Thats awesome!
Let me know if you want to get together this week, its been a while!

laura b. said...

What a great Goodwill find. I'm jealous...although I don't know where I would put it. I still probably would have bought it.